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The "My Profile" section of your User Dashboard is where the information shown on your employee profile is managed. If you have editing permissions (recommended), you can update your profile information, your settings, and find the HTML code needed to install your "Read My Reviews" icon on a webpage. 

If you have profile editing permissions (recommended):

Edit Profile

Upload a photo: click "Upload Photo" and either take a new photo from your mobile device, or select an image file from your computer.

To update your profile information: click into each field and use the dropdown or enter text to change the information displayed. Please note, only Admins can make changes to the Account Access type. Once your updates are complete, click Save Changes.


To change your profile settings: check or uncheck the various boxes to change how consumers can interact with your profile, or how you are notified when consumers interact with your profile.

Obtain your "Read My Reviews" code

To obtain your "Read My Reviews" HTML code: click "copy code" to obtain your HTML code. To obtain your RSS feed code, click "Employee RSS Feed."

If you do not have profile editing permissions:

You may contact your dealership admin for permission to edit your profile. To request permission, click the "Send Request" button.

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