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Employee Profile Bulk Upload Form

Employee Profile Bulk Upload

To take full advantage of your DealerRater program, we encourage you to create employee profile pages for all customer-facing employees. To make this task easier, DealerRater gives you the option of creating your entire team’s employee profile pages simultaneously.

Download the template:

  1. Click here to access the template
  2. Go to File > Download as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) 
  3. Save the template to your computer with your dealership name in the name of the file

Fill out the spreadsheet with your employee info:

  1. Add your dealership name, city, state
  2. Add your contact info: name, email or phone
  3. Add the following info for every employee who needs an employee profile page. All fields are required.
    1. Access type (use the drop-down to choose User or Admin)
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Department (use the drop-down to select a Department)
    5. Email address – must be unique to the employee
    6. Position
    7. Mobile phone #

Save your completed form and email to We’ll upload your form and alert you when your employee profiles are live.  

Need help?  Please call us at 800.266.9455.

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