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Welcome Your Staff to DealerRater Connections (email template)

Use the template below to welcome your staff to DealerRater Connections. 


I’m pleased to announce that we are now a DealerRater Connections dealer.  This program will help us bring in new business by building online reviews, spreading these reviews across an audience of millions, and allowing each of you to build your own personal brand to make it easier to gain the trust of customers.

1. Watch for an important profile activation email from DealerRater.  Activate your account by following the instructions in the email.

2. Attend a brief DealerRater Drivers Ed class. At this meeting we’ll share more about how DealerRater Connections will help our dealership. 

Meeting date _____________    time_____________


Feel free to download your DealerRater for Dealers app and take a look around, click here for iPhone and here for Android.

I look forward to working together on our DealerRater advantage – it will help us all get ahead.



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