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Review Integrity

DealerRater and work diligently to only present reviews from real consumers who have had real experiences at a dealership. Our team of Content Moderators read every review submission and reject any found to be out of compliance with our Community Guidelines, whether that means they contain inappropriate language, aren’t relevant to a dealership visit, or were written on a device owned by the dealership.

Most of the rejections are considered “one-off” violations, and we believe that many are accidental or at least absent of any real intent to be deceptive. Once in a while, we come across a pattern of violations and determine that a dealership may be repeatedly submitting reviews that do not adhere to our guidelines.

Once we’ve identified these dealerships, our Support Team works with them directly to address the problem by offering information to help them better understand our policy and training materials to demonstrate best practices. We do our best to ensure that dealers have all the information and resources we can provide them with to collect reviews in a way that conforms to our policy, and it is rare that our efforts aren’t successful.

Occasionally, however, we need to post a warning on a dealer page acknowledging that we’ve done everything we can, but we may still be receiving submissions that don’t align with our policies. This small minority of dealerships may be attempting to gain an unfair advantage by creating false or misleading reviews for themselves. While small in number, these reviews undermine the trust that users place in DealerRater and, and we encourage users to take this information into consideration when determining which dealership to visit.

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