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How to Customize Your ReviewBuilder Requests

How to Customize Your ReviewBuilder Requests

So, you just purchased DealerRater Connections Plus and not sure what to do next. DealerRater will work with your DMS provider to set up a daily data feed to pull in the relevant data for your sales and service customers.

In the meantime, you can begin your setup by logging into the Dealer Panel and accessing the ReviewBuilder Setup page by clicking on Reviews > ReviewBuilder.

Here are instructions for setting up your ReviewBuilder emails + texts:

  1. You’ll also notice different platforms at the top that you can send ReviewBuilder requests to at the top of the page with pencils next to them. This is where you can connect your dealership’s Facebook page and Google location so that you can send reviewers directly to those sites to leave a review.

    1. If you haven’t already done so, you can connect your dealership’s Facebook page and Google location on this tab. This can also be done on your Reviews Dashboard, so if your dealership has already done this, you may see a link to “Enable” Facebook or Google. Clicking this simply allows us to send your customers to Google and Facebook to write their reviews.

    2. You will default into the automatic distribution flow, which uses our Smart Targeting technology to identify where the need for reviews is greatest on all three websites, every day.

    3. If you prefer to override our algorithm and set your distribution to each site manually, just click the “Manual” option, and you’ll be able to do this.

  2. Notice there is a tab for ‘Automatic Distribution’ and ‘Manual Distribution.’ This is so you can customize outgoing requests for other platforms instead of using SmartTargeting.

  3. Upload your dealership logo.

  4. You’ll notice a checkbox that says, “Default to Sending Text Messages.” Checking this box will send your ReviewBuilder request via text message for all customers who can receive text messages. Some things to know about this:

    1. We recommend this method, as most consumers prefer to complete their reviews on a mobile device. In fact, during a beta trial, including over 2,500 dealership customers, dealers received a 50% increase in reviews received from customers who received their requests via text message.

    2. Customers will not receive both a text message AND an email. An email will only be sent as a backup if the customer cannot receive the text message.

    3. To determine if a customer can receive a text message, we will make sure we have consent and a valid mobile number for that customer in the data file received from your dealership. If not, or if a text message fails to send to a particular customer, an email will be sent instead.

  5. Customize your email template! You can edit these requests for your primary page or your service page.

    1. Even with defaulting to text messages, it is still possible for customers to receive the email. Make sure the email they see comes from your voice. If you have a service tab, make sure to customize that email template as well.

    2. Set the frequency for email requests. This determines when your customers receive the ReviewBuilder request.

    3. Our recommendation is to send a request out the next day (“Tomorrow”) because that’s when the experience is fresh on your customer’s minds. However, you do have the option of delaying the request by 7, 14, or 30 days. ReviewBuilder requests are only sent out once, with one automatic resend 15 days later if no review is received. Choosing seven days, for example, will not send a request every seven days.

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