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360Connect: Reviews

360Connect: Reviews

Reviews monitors your online reviews from across the web, and presents you with a consolidated feed you can interact with. From one centralized location, you can read, view and respond to your online reviews, as well as see trends on the keywords commonly used in your reviews.

Here is more info on the trend monitoring features:

Word Cloud: The word cloud displays words that are commonly used in your reviews. More frequently used words appear larger. When you change your filter settings (source, star-rating or date range), the word cloud will refresh, and show you the popular words for that selection of reviews. If you want to see the reviews that contain any of the cloud words, simply click on the word and it will show you those reviews.

Trending: The trending keywords section lets you know which words have become popular in your recent reviews, and provides a graph to track the change in popularity of those keywords.

To manage a review:

  1. Click the View or Respond button to interact directly with the review
  2. Follow the site’s requirements to respond to reviews. Many sites require to you claim the site as a business owner before being permitted to respond to reviews.

We’ve created email templates to assist you with responding to reviews. Click here to access.

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