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360Connect: Mentions

360Connect: Mentions

Mentions are any piece of content that we retrieve that matches your search criteria, including a blog post, Tweet, forum post, comment, photo, or news article.

The Monitor Mentions tab:

  • See all the buzz about your dealership on the web
  • Understand the sentiment of your mentions (Positive, Negative, Neutral)
  • Edit your Mentions searches

The Search Mentions sub-tab:

  • Browse all your Mentions
  • See Mentions sentiment and adjust if needed
  • Filter searches

What is the purpose of Sentiment rating in Mentions?

The Sentiment rating can help you organize and prioritize positive and negative reviews. It can also be used to trigger alerts when you receive a very positive or very negative mention.

Occasionally a Mention might be interpreted with the wrong Sentiment. To correct this, you can manually adjust the rating by moving the slider left or right.

How to manage your Mentions

Label your Mentions with the following tags, to remove Mentions or keep them sticky:

  • My Content: Tagging a mention as My Content makes it disappear from the results of the search. This is for scenarios where mentions from your own website, Twitter account, blog, etc. are displayed.
  • Favorite: Starring a Mention allows you to Save your Mention. You can view them by selecting Starred from the Searches and Filters drop down list.
  • Not Relevant: Tagging a mention as Not Relevant removes it from your results. If you're seeing a lot of mentions that aren't relevant, consider editing your searches to be more precise. If you seem to be getting a lot of irrelevant mentions, consider making your search terms more specific.

How do I edit Mention searches?

Click here for instructions.

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