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How Does ReviewBuilder Work?

How Does ReviewBuilder Work?

Step 1: The sales or service transaction occurs

  • Every closed sale or repair order is logged in your DMS.
  • Dealer enters customer info into DMS as usual.
  • Info gets pushed to a data partner overnight.

Step 2: Smart Targeting distributes reviewers to DealerRater, Google, and Facebook

  • DealerRater analyzes your dealership's performance on DealerRater, Google, and Facebook, every day, to determine where the need for reviews is greatest on that day.
  • Your customers are assigned to a review form for one of those three review sites based on our Smart Targeting algorithm’s findings, OR-based on how the dealership has manually set its distribution.
  • We analyze your data to identify users with a Gmail email address and send them the review form for Google.

Step 3: An automatic review request goes out to the customer

  • Text request is sent.
  • Text cannot be sent? An email is sent instead.
  • The request includes a Write a Review link that will take them DealerRater, Google, or Facebook.
  • There is logic in place to prevent duplicate review requests from being sent for customers that have multiple visits or conflicts with LotShot.

Step 4: The customer writes a review

  • Customer submits a review on, Google, or Facebook.
  • If the request was sent via text, the customer will be sent to your review form on either DealerRater, Facebook, or Google which is decided by the Smart Targeting algorithm.

Step 5: The review goes live  

  • Review displays a Verified Customer badge (DealerRater only)
  • Follows regular syndication and review feed flow
  • The review becomes part of the overall review count and rating for the dealer and employees.

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