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I'm a Certified Employee, how do I get login access?

You may have received an email from DealerRater congratulating you on becoming a DealerRater Certified Employee. This is because your dealership has purchased a suite of tools to help you become a more effective employee when it comes to managing your online reputation and reviews. You are now considered a Certified Employee because you’ve received a minimum of 10 positive reviews in the calendar quarter.

You might not have access to log into DealerRater just yet but your dealership admin can help with that. Once you have the ability to create an account on DealerRater you will have access to a host of tools to help generate positive experiences for your customers and, ultimately, help you build your online reputation.

Please speak to your DealerRater admin about getting access to login to the Dealer Panel. And, if you aren’t sure who to talk to, please contact us for help.

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