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Why can’t I connect to my Facebook page?

To connect to Facebook, you need to be an administrator of a Facebook page, not just a personal profile or group. To create a page, you must have a personal profile first. To learn the difference between the three and to help create or manage a Facebook page, click here.

Why can’t I connect my Google location?

To connect to Google, you must be an administrator of a Google My Business location. This is separate from a Google + account or simply having a Gmail account. Google My Business is a free tool for business to manage their presence across Google, and each Google My Business account will be tied to a physical location. To learn more about Google My Business or to get help on creating your account, click here.

Why can’t I connect my account?

When trying to connect your account, DealerRater will look for a one-to-one mapping between a DealerRater and account. To do this, you will need to have a account. If you do, and you still can’t connect, it’s probably for one of two reasons:

Reason 1: We couldn’t find a one-to-one mapping between your DealerRater account and If this is the case, don’t worry. It just means we need to link your accounts manually. When trying to connect, you should’ve seen a message explaining that someone from our team will be reaching out. Please be patient and know that we’re working hard to get you connected.

Reason 2: Your dealership might have more than one account. We call this multi-rooftop, and at this time, multi-rooftop dealerships cannot connect their accounts to DealerRater on our Reviews page. But don’t fret! We’re working on a solution for this and hope to have it available shortly. In the meantime, you can still connect your Facebook and Google accounts to manage most of your review volume in one place.

Why don’t I see my reviews in real-time?

DealerRater reviews will still show up in real-time. For Google, Facebook, and, we pull in your reviews in batches twice per day at 3 am and 3 pm EST. While many other organizations scrape other sites for reviews, this has proven to be less reliable, often informing you of a review that might already be a few days old. Rather than scraping, DealerRater pulls in your reviews directly from your connected account, including all of the associated responses to those reviews. To preserve our website’s efficiency and speed, we don’t want so many back-end processes running throughout the day, which is why we pull your reviews in batches twice daily.

My dealership has a separate Google or Facebook page for my Sales and Service departments. Can I connect both to the Reviews page?

Yes, you can! On the Reviews Dashboard, click on either Google or Facebook, and from here, another page will pop up, allowing you to connect to your Primary page or your Service page! If your dealership only has a Primary page, it will connect to the Primary page by default.


Why was my Facebook page already connected?

Facebook connectivity is the same as our Wall Tool. So, if you’ve already connected the Wall Tool in the Dealer Panel, then you won’t need to do anything else to connect your Facebook page to the Reviews page. Because of this, if you disconnect one (either the Wall Tool or the Reviews page), it will disconnect both.


Why aren’t I able to respond to some reviews?

Google and only allow a dealership to respond to a review once. If you see a grayed-out “Respond” button, it’s because an administrator at your dealership has already replied to that review.

DealerRater and Facebook reviews can be responded to as many times as you’d like, however.

What’s the difference between a public and private response?

If you respond to a DealerRater review publicly, anyone viewing that review on your public-facing profile will be able to see your response. Public responses are always encouraged because it’s important to show other potential customers how you respond and interact with your customers. A private response is necessary when you want to send information to a customer that you wouldn’t want the rest of the world to see, such as an email address or direct phone number.

 Google, Facebook, and do not allow private responses, which is why you only see that as an option for a DealerRater review.

How can I find a specific review?

To find a specific review or narrow down your list of reviews, you can use the filters provided on this page. The data filters will allow you to view only those reviews within the data parameters that you select. Still, you can also filter by the website source, positive or negative reviews, or by reviews that have never been responded to.

Will my review response be visible to consumers on Google, Facebook, and

Yes! Any response you write to any review on your DealerRater Reviews page will be available on the corresponding connected site. Some sites might take a few minutes for your response to appear, so please be patient.

Does everyone at my dealership have to connect to Google, Facebook, and to see these reviews when they log in?

No, as soon as one admin from your dealership connects these accounts, the reviews from those accounts will be visible to every admin who logs into the Dealer Panel.

Why can’t I report a Google, Facebook, or review?

While we give you the ability to view and respond to reviews on these connected sites from your DealerRater Reviews page, reporting a review must be done directly on those websites. This is due to a limitation of those websites, specifically, and not because we don’t want you to have the ability to do so. We will continue to work with these sources, and if they provide the ability for us to add this functionality to our Reviews page, we will certainly do so!

Will I still receive review notifications for DealerRater?

Of course, you will. DealerRater review notifications will still be sent in real-time, and you can manage your notifications from your profile in the Dealer Panel. If you are a subscriber of the standalone products AutoResponse or ReviewBuilder, you will receive notifications too.

How will you notify me of a Google, Facebook, or review?

Yes, we will send an email notification whenever you get a review on any of the sources above.

Why should I use DealerRater to manage my reviews over a company I’m already using?

DealerRater doesn’t allow any other websites to respond to a DealerRater review; therefore, your Reviews page is the only place where you can view and respond to a DealerRater,, Google, and Facebook review from one place. Many other platforms also scrape other websites to find your reviews, which is a less accurate way of pulling your review data. Instead of scraping, DealerRater is pulling in the actual data through your connected account, which allows us to offer the ability for you to respond to each review without having to log into another website or leave the page you’re on.

In addition to this, DealerRater also pulls your review data from each of the connected sites into your Reviews Report, accessible from the Dealer Panel. Other websites that scrape for data can only approximate the information they present you in a report, while our report will be accurate within 12 hours.

I’m already using my 360 Dashboard to view and manage my reviews on DealerRater. Why the change?

While the 360 Dashboard has been a great tool to manage your reviews up to now, it cannot manage your DealerRater reviews from the same page. In addition to that, the accuracy of the reviews we display in your 360 Dashboard isn’t as accurate as we’re able to make it now. To solve both of those issues, we decided to give our Reviews page in the Dealer Panel a much-needed facelift and encourage users to use it to manage their reviews.

Your 360 Dashboard is still available to view reviews you receive on other sources. Yet, for Google, Facebook,, and DealerRater, we think you’ll not only have an easier time managing these reviews on our Reviews page, but the review data will also be more accurate.

I’m a group admin. Can I manage all of the reviews from every dealership in my group on the same page?

Yes, you can! You still need to connect each dealership’s Google, Facebook, and page individually, but once you’ve done this, you can enable group roll-ups on the Reviews page and manage all of the reviews from your entire group at once. Each review card will display the dealership it came from when you do this.

Can I use an agency or ask my rep to set this up for me?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. Technically, yes, but they’ll need your login credentials for your Google and Facebook accounts. To connect your Google My Business location or Facebook page, you’ll need to login to those sites using your Google or Facebook credentials. Our recommendation is never to share your login credentials with anyone else, but if you work with an agency that already has access to these credentials, then they can set this up for you.

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