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How to respond to a review on DealerRater

Responding to Reviews

All reviews should be responded to, as customers gain a ton of insights when reading dealership responses to reviews. DealerRater,, Google, and Facebook reviews can all be responded to from the Reviews page! 

To respond to any review:

  • Click on the “Respond” button within a single review card or click on the “View Details” link.
  • DealerRater reviews can be responded to either privately or publicly
  •, Facebook, and Google reviews can only be responded to publicly
  • Google and reviews can only be responded to once, however, DealerRater and Facebook reviews can be responded to as many times as you’d like

 If a review has already been responded to, the review card will display ‘1 response’.


Negative Reviews

Negative reviews should always be responded to! Consumers find more value in reading a dealership’s response to a negative review than a long list of positive reviews. Customers of DealerRater Connections and higher can take advantage of our Resolution Advantage program, which gives you access to a button in the Dealer Panel that will allow you to mark DealerRater reviews as "resolved". When clicked, it will trigger a notification to your customer providing instructions on how to update their review.

You can find all of the negative reviews you need to respond to by clicking ‘Respond Now’ directly below the navigation in the Dealer Panel, or you can use the filters on the Reviews page by selecting the ‘Not Responded to’ checkbox.

You can respond to any review publicly or privately and in some cases, it may make sense to do both. In the case of a negative review, you may submit a private response to the customer in an attempt to work through an issue or keep some dialogue moving. But, don’t forget to post a public response, so all your other potential customers can see how you handled that situation. 

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