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How to move reviews from your old dealership page to a newly created one

Moving reviews from one page to another is not something that can be taken lightly, and there are several factors that must be considered when making changes to the content we present on the site. Unlike a buy/sell, where irrelevant content is removed in bulk because the dealership is under new ownership, situations where an owner is moving to a new location or rebranding their existing dealership require a different kind of care. Every dealership is unique, so we will look into each case individually.

 Here are some of the factors that we need to consider:

·        What exactly is changing? If the dealership is staying in the same location with the same ownership and it's a change of name only, then the reviews should probably remain on the site by being moved to the new listing page, especially in cases where the new name is similar. If there are broader changes, like a change in location, a new ownership, account reactivation issues, etc., then it's more likely the reviews would be removed from the page altogether.

·        If the dealership is moving locations, how far of a move is it? We don't have a set distance for how far a dealership needs to move before we remove the reviews instead of migrating them, but we do need to take it into consideration and use a reasonable standard. The most common requests we receive for migrating reviews to a new page are simple: the dealership is moving to a new building that has a different address but is adjacent to or very close to the original location. Very often these cases involve a dealership expanding into a new showroom, multiple rooftops in a tight grouping being consolidated, etc. Even up to a few miles of difference will usually be acceptable, but once the move crosses town or state lines, or the distance from the original location becomes more unreasonable, it is less likely that we could allow the dealership to take the reviews with them.

·        Do consumers think this is a new business? When moving locations, appearances matter and we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the average consumer. In a small town where a dealership moves to a new showroom a few miles away, the community is probably aware of the goings on and wouldn't be confused by the change. In a more populated area, a few miles may make more of a difference. It's important to keep our consumer users in mind. Reviews are for the dealership, and customers who went to the original location are reviewing their experience at that location, so moving their reviews to a location they have never visited is problematic.

We generally see a combination of the above, a dealership moving across town lines and changing their name for example. These changes might not seem like a big deal, but even a few small changes start to add up. While we understand that reviews are a valuable commodity for dealers. We also know that we need to present helpful, relevant content to users so that they can make decisions about which Place and Person to buy from. Reviews for a business that has made significant changes like location and name may not be relevant to new customers and presenting that sort of content erodes our trust and value with consumers.  

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