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LotShot Tutorial

How to Use LotShot

LotShot™ is available in the DealerRater for Dealers App. You can find the app in the App Store or Google Play store.

Click here to view it in the App Store for Apple
Click here to view it in the Play Store for Android

To use LotShot™:

  1. Open the DealerRater for Dealers App
  2. Login to your DealerRater profile, with your email address and password
  3. Review and agree to the app’s Terms and Conditions
  4. On the home screen, open your menu and tap LotShot
  5. Click Get Started

Choose a photo option – take a new photo, skip the photo, or use a photo you already have on your device

  1. To take a new photo:
    1. Click your camera button to take your photo
    2. If you’re satisfied, click OK
    3. DealerRater customers can upload a logo watermark on the photo
  2. To skip sending a photo
    1. Click No Photo
  3. To use a photo you already have
    1. Click Files and browse your device for the photo you wish to use

Create the LotShot request:

  1. Enter your customer’s name
  2. Choose Email or Text
  3. Enter your customer’s email address or mobile phone #
  4. Click Send

Your customer will get an email or text message request from you, with their LotShot photo and a request to write a review. A direct link to your review page is included, along with the customer photo.

*note - DealerRater review syndication to is available in U.S. only

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