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DealerRater Enhanced Listing

DealerRater Enhanced Listing

DealerRater is offering all customers a complimentary, 60-day "Enhanced Listing" on our platform to help your dealership navigate these challenging times. Unlock the power of DealerRater to improve your online visibility, broaden the reach of your vehicle listings, and advertise any special customer and community services you're offering during the COVID-19 crisis.

Customers are visiting your dealership’s DealerRater profile page now more than ever to discover your available services and browse inventory, so make sure you take advantage of this important opportunity!

The primary features of Enhanced Listing are:

Special COVID-19 Badging on your Dealer Profile Page. "Light up" your Profile Page on DealerRater with important consumer-facing messaging regarding your dealership's community response to COVID-19 and any special services available, in addition to displaying your dealership photos and amenities.

Your Vehicle Listings on DealerRater.  Showcase your vehicle listings on DealerRater, along with special Home Delivery or Virtual Appointment badging.

Your DealerRater Reviews on  Syndicate your DealerRater reviews to, helping broaden the reach of your hard-earned reputation

Unlimited Access to our Basic Listing tools.  Respond publicly to all reviews on DealerRater and from one simple dashboard, and access for you and your staff to use LotShot, our photo review tool. Snap a photo of a happy customer taking home delivery of a vehicle and allow them to post that photo alongside a review of your dealership!


By now you should have received an email with your DealerRater login credentials. Logging in for the first time will prompt you to set your password. If you haven't received this email, you can email and we'll assist you with gaining access.

If you already know your DealerRater credentials, you’ll want to log into the Dealer Panel to start building your profile.  

Building your profile is very easy. Follow the simple steps below to build and maximize your profile using DealerRater’s Enhanced Listings.

Build Your Profile

In the Dealer Panel, if you click on Profile -> Dealer Info, this is where you’ll be able to add all of the information consumers can see about your dealership.

From this menu, you’ll also be able to add other necessary elements to your profile such as dealership amenities and photos.

Update COVID-19 Response

We’ve added a number of filters you can select that will display on your profile page so customers know how your dealership is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to selections we’ve provided, you can also adjust your hours and write a custom response that you want your customers to see.

Connect Your Profile

From the Dealer Panel, click on Reviews -> All Reviews. On this page, you’ll have the ability to connect your profile. Doing this will allow you to view all of your reviews directly from this page, in addition to your DealerRater reviews. You will also have the ability to respond to your reviews on this page. You do not need to connect your profile for your DealerRater reviews to syndicate to - that will happen automatically.

Download the DealerRater for Dealers Mobile App

Our dealer-facing mobile app, DealerRater for Dealers, is where you and your employees can use our LotShot feature. LotShot is a manual review request tool where you can text or email a request to your customers and ask for a review. You can learn more about LotShot here. While business might be slower due to COVID-19, utilize LotShot to reach out to past customers and ask for a review.  

Download for iPhone

Download for Android 

Add Your CRM Email Address

When you click on Profile -> CRM Contacts, you’ll be able to enter an email address for your CRM. This is the email we will use to send the ADF email directly to your CRM if a lead is submitted on a DealerRater VDP or your Dealer Profile Page. Note that without this email address, your customers will not be able to submit a lead on DealerRater.

Add Employees

From the same menu, you can click on Profile -> Employee Profiles. This is where you’ll have the ability to add all of your employees so that your customers can tag employees they worked with in their review. This is important as it will give other prospective customers an opportunity to identify which employees they may choose to work with when doing business with your dealership.

If at any point you have any questions about your account or how to navigate your DealerRater Enhanced Listing profile, you can always reach out to us at Our team is staffed and ready to assist you.

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