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The Reviews Report in your Dealer panel provides information on your Dealer’s Reviews and Review History on DealerRater. The key features on the Reviews Report in your Dealer Panel are described below:

1) If you are not already logged into DealerRater, log in to the Dealer Panel with an account that has administrative access for your dealership.

2) Select “Reviews” from the “Reporting” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3) The report will always show an overview section at the top of the page

A) Here you can select a breakout of 7, 30, 60 and 90 days or you can create a custom range.
  • To see more data, try expanding the date range.

B) You can navigate between different breakouts by selecting the respective button:
  • Website: website source (DealerRater, Facebook, Google,
  • Sentiment: Positive (green) or negative (red)
  • Source: review source (organic, LotShot, ReviewBuilder)
  • Department: sales and service
An organic review source is defined as a review that was not written as a result of a LotShot or ReviewBuilder request. 

C) Export: To export your report data, click either the XLS or CSV file button for your prefered download type.

4) Below the overview section, there is a more detailed breakdown of the data within each website source.

  • These breakouts show you the number of reviews for each review type and underneath them you can see the percentage of the review volume for each category.

During the process of setting up ReviewBuilder, the ReviewBuilder section will not display data until it is setup.

5) If your Facebook and Google accounts are not linked, there will be a prompt with buttons to help you do so.

6) You can see your reviews breakout at the bottom of the page.

Group data is not currently supported in this report but will be by Q2 2021.

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