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Review Resolution Best Practices

Review Resolution Best Practices

DealerRater review content speaks to the experience your dealership provides for customers. When a negative DealerRater review is left on your Dealership's Profile page, many customers who leave negative reviews simply want someone to hear their story and an acknowledgment of their difficulty. Once you resolve their concerns, reviewers have the ability to update their DealerRater review to better represent their experience. 

On all negative DealerRater reviews, we have added functionality to create a more efficient way to request a review update.

On the 'All Reviews' page in the Dealer Panel, we display a 'Request Update' button on all negative reviews.

Clicking the 'Request Update' button will send an email to the reviewer prompting them to update their review on DealerRater.

A few important notes:
  • You can only request a review update once per review using this button.
  • The reviewer is not obligated to update their review.

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