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Facebook: New Page Experience Access Levels

Facebook: New Page Experience Access Levels

Facebook is starting to migrate Facebook Business pages to the New Page Experience. The New Page Experience requires a different access level to connect to the Dealer Panel. This article will show you how to check and confirm that you have the correct Facebook account access to connect the Facebook page to the Dealer Panel. 

1. Log into Facebook and navigate to your profile icon in the top right.

2. From the sidebar, select 'Professional Dashboard.'

3. Next, select Page Access.

4. In the screenshot below, Facebook has two different access levels for the New Page Experience, 'People with Facebook Access' and 'People with task Access.' To connect to the Dealer Panel, the account you are trying to connect with must be under 'People with Facebook Access.'

5. If the account is under the category 'People with Task Access.' Select the 3 dots across from the account name. 

6. Click 'Change Access Level.'

7. Select 'Next'

8. Navigate down to 'Allow this person to have full control' and toggle this option on. Then click 'Update Access.'
*This option will be OFF by default.*

If your account is showing under 'People with Facebook Access' and you cannot connect. Remove your account by selecting the 3 dots next to your name. Then select add new next to 'People with Facebook Access' and start at step 6. 

For instructions on how to connect after you have made these changes, follow the steps here.

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