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Customer Said They Wrote a Review, but I Don't See It

If you believe reviews have been written about your dealership but they are not appearing on your 
Dealer Review Page, the reviewers that are writing these reviews may not have confirmed their 
DealerRater account. Until this action occurs, we cannot validate or post their review, and the review 
itself is put into “Pending” status. To activate their DealerRater account, the reviewer needs to click on 
the link in the account activation email sent by DealerRater for their account. They should also check 
their spam or junk email folders to ensure that the email was not redirected. 

When you are directing customers to write DealerRater reviews, we encourage you to let the customer 
know that in order to see their review posted on your Dealer Reviews Page, they will need to activate 
their DealerRater account by clicking on the link in the account activation email sent from DealerRater.
Reviewers are also welcome to contact DealerRater Support at to check on the
status of their account or review(s).

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