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Certified Employee Program

Certified Employee Program

Simply having positive reviews for your dealership is no longer sufficient to differentiate your dealership from your competitors.  Consumers now use online reviews to choose their salesperson as well as their dealership.  The DealerRater Certified Employee program helps top employees differentiate themselves from the competition and gain additional visibility for themselves and their dealership.

How It Works

All you need to do is earn 10 positive reviews per quarter to become a Certified employee.  To help you maintain your Certification, we offer a series of short training videos that will teach you all you need to know to leverage the tools at your disposal and continue generating positive reviews. You can find these videos in your Dealer Panel.

  • Need access or a login to your Dealer Panel? Talk to your dealership DealerRater admin, or contact us for help.

Certified Employee Benefits

  • Certified Employees get preferred placement on DealerRater and (dealer must also be a customer), making it easier for shoppers to get to know and connect with you.
  • Certified Employees also receive a profile badge and printable certificate to help them stand out to potential customers.

Employees: How to Get Started

  1. Create your DealerRater account
    1. Talk to your dealership DealerRater Admin about sending you an Account Activation email. If you’re not sure who that is, please contact us for help.
      1. DealerRater Admins: click herefor instructions on resending account information emails.
    2. Click the “Activate Account” link in the email.
    3. Create a password (new users) or enter your password (existing users)
  2. Watch the Training Videos, located in the Resources tab in your dashboard
  3. Earn 10 or More Positive Reviews
    1. Please allow up to 48 hours for your Certified Employee status to be reflected on the site.
    2. Continue to earn 10 positive DealerRater reviews each calendar quarter to maintain Certified Employee status.


  1. How do I print out my certificate?
    1. Users will find their certificate in the Dealer Panel, under “My Profile.” Use the link shown to download. Upon download, the certificate can be saved and/or printed. 
    2. Admins can obtain their certificate in the Dealer Panel, under “Employee Profiles.”  Locate and click on your profile listing. You will find a link titled “Download Your Certified Employee Award.” Upon download, the certificate can be saved and/or printed.
  2. What happens to the Certified Employee status if the employee leaves the dealership?
    1. If an employee leaves the dealership, an account Admin should remove the employee from the DealerRater employee list. Once this employee has been removed, they will lose their Certification. If the employee returns at a later date, the employee will need to collect 10 positive reviews in a calendar quarter to regain their Certified Employee status.
  3. What are some reasons an employee might lose Certified Employee status?
    1. Not receiving 10 or more positive reviews in the previous calendar quarter
    2. One or more reviews which were tagged to the employee were removed from DealerRater
    3. The employee changed dealerships or the employee profile was deleted.
  4. I lost my Certified Employee status, how do I get it back?
    1. To re-gain Certified Employee status, collect ten positive DealerRater reviews in a calendar quarter.

Additional questions?  Contact us, we’re here to help!

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