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Email Alert Messages & Settings FAQ


DealeRater offers a number of options for email alerts and reporting, depending on which DealerRater program(s) your dealership participates in. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about DealerRater email alerts.


Q: What are the types of email alerts that are offered to my dealership? 

A: There are different types of alerts that are available to you as a dealership based on the package you have purchased with us. A breakdown of those alerts is available below: 


·         Email alert when a lead or contact is submitted for the dealership

·         Email alert when any new dealership review is submitted or a review is updated 

·         Email alert when a reviewer sends a reply to response message submitted by the dealership 

·     Once-daily alerts for any updates made to employee profiles.

·         Weekly performance updates on your dealer’s employees, reviews, competition, and a monthly overview – each report is sent once a month, with one report being sent each week.

·     Note that 'Administrator' access is required to be able to receive the full range of alerts listed above.


·         Email alert when a request for service comes in 

·         Email alerts when a special offer entered expires or renews 


·         All of the email alerts included in the CertifiedEssentials package, along with the following: 

·         Daily email alerts including information on 360 Visibility, 360 Reviews, 360 Mentions, 360 Social and 360 Competition 

·         Weekly or Monthly Executive Reports that summarize all new information found by the 360 tool for the previous week or month.


Q: How can I configure the email alerts for myself and my staff? 

A: Email alert settings can be configured for specific employees under their Employee Profiles in the Dealer Panel. You can view instructions for editing employee profiles, including how to update contact settings and email alerts, here:


Q: I am set up to receive email alerts, but I have not received any. Why?

A: It is possible that the email alerts are being routed into your Spam or Junk folder; many email systems assume the alerts may be spam as they come from the address You will want to ensure that you have set this specific address, as well as “” whitelisted as safe senders in your email system. If you are unsure of how to do this, you will want to contact your IT department to aid in setting that up. If you completed these steps and are still not receiving alerts, please contact our Client Services Team:

Q: Why am I receiving multiple emails regarding the same review?

A: Email alerts are sent when a new review is received, but they are also sent when an existing review is updated. Most likely, the email you have received is alerting you to the fact that a review for the dealership has been updated. The title of the new email you received should read: “DealerRater SATISFACTORY Review updated for: [Dealership Name]”. 

Q: Why am I receiving email alerts for reviews that don’t mention me?

A: Anyone with 'Administrator' access who are set up to receive review alerts receive an alert for any review submitted about the dealership. Employees with 'User' access receive alerts only for reviews in which they are tagged by the reviewer.

Q: Are reviewers alerted when our dealership sends a public or private response to their review? 

A: Yes, reviewers receive an email from DealerRater letting them know they have been contacted in regards to their review, and we provide a link for the reviewer to log into their DealerRater account so that they may view and respond to the message if they choose.. 

Q: I received an email alert about an UNSATISFACTORY review but the comments are actually positive. Why has it been listed as unsatisfactory?

A: Reviewers are prompted to select if they would or would not recommend your dealership when they submit their review, which is how the review is tagged satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Occasionally, reviewers accidentally select the wrong option. We’re happy to update the status of the review in this instance; for assistance please contact our Client Services Team:

Q: If I am receiving email alerts, does that also mean I have login access for the dealership account?

A: No, email alerts and login access are separate in our system. If you’d like to be set up with a login for your account, any current administrator for DealerRater at your dealership can set up your access. Please feel free to contact our Client Services Team for further assistance:

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