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Kelley Blue Book Integration

We’re pleased to announce that KBB and DealerRater have partnered as part of a new product offering 
from Kelley Blue Book, which will integrate your dealership’s review content. KBB is promoting the launch 
as an “Enhanced New Car Shopping Experience with All-New Price Advisor.” Part of this enhancement 
includes the dealer’s ability to showcase ratings and reviews on Dealers do need to be 
enrolled in the KBB Fusion package in order to receive the benefit of being able to display their reviews. 

Your DealerRater reviews will display on your dealership’s Kelley Blue Book page, along with a section 
that also displays any Employee Listings you’ve created on DealerRater. With the integration, your KBB
page will look similar to this: 

Do I have to “opt in” in order to showcase my DealerRater reviews on KBB? 

In order for your DealerRater reviews to populate to your KBB page, you must be a KBB New Car Fusion 
dealer. If you are, you can simply contact your AutoTrader Rep or KBB and provide them your DealerRater 
URL. Your URL can be found at the top of your DealerRater review page. If you are not a KBB New Car Fusion 
dealer, you will need to contact your AutoTrader or KBB rep to upgrade your KBB package. 

If a customer wants to write a review for us on KBB, how can they accomplish that? 

If you have your DealerRater reviews displayed on KBB there will be a “Review this Dealership” or “Rate
this Dealer” button on your KBB site page. These links will direct customers to your DealerRater “Write a 
Review” Page. When the consumer writes a review, the review will be processed through the normal 
DealerRater review content moderation process, and will appear on your DealerRater site as well as 
your KBB site. 

What additional display benefits are there for Certified Dealers? 

Dealers who are Certified have the added benefit of employee “My Reviews” content, which is displayed 
on the KBB site. This provides greater exposure and transparency about dealership personnel, resulting
in a more confident consumer and increased revenue. Please keep in mind when an employee is clicked 
on by a customer, KBB does not launch a new employee page but rather pulls all reviews (regardless of 
score) tagged to a specific salesperson to the KBB review page. Consumers can sort by employee and 
see both negative and positive reviews about that employee vs. the dedicated/filtered positive review 
testimonial page that is delivered on DealerRater. 

Is there any difference in the review writing process between dealers who are DealerRater Certified 
vs. dealers who are not Certified? 

Yes, Certified dealers will receive the benefit of the DealerRater two-week reconciliation period on both 
the DealerRater and KBB sites. Once the two-week reconciliation period is over, the review will go live 
on both DealerRater and KBB, assuming the review has not been edited or removed by the consumer. 

Do public responses posted on our DealerRater page show on KBB? 

No, at the current time the KBB site is not configured to display your public responses to reviews on the 

How do I request that our DealerRater reviews appear on our KBB site? 

Dealers can request DealerRater Review integration by contacting their local AutoTrader representative
and providing their DealerRater URL. Your URL can be found at the top of your DealerRater review page. 

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