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What is ReviewBuilder?

ReviewBuilder is DealerRater’s new automated review solicitation tool, available only to DealerRater Certified Dealers. ReviewBuilder helps you quickly and easily grow your dealership’s review volume on DealerRater and other major third-party review sites by automating the review solicitation process of your sales and service customers.

What are the primary features of ReviewBuilder?

  • Auto Reminders. Automate the review reminders for your customers and transform your review capture efforts into an efficient, hands-free, repeatable process. Capture a higher volume of reviews across major third-party review sites more quickly – allowing you to leverage the positive stories right away and address unhappy customers before it impacts CSI scores.
  • Customized Email Templates. Upload your dealership’s logo and tailor the body of the reminder email so that you stay “on message” with your dealership brand and business style. Select up to two additional third-party review site links (DealerRater will always be included) to insert in the reminder emails to ensure a balanced review growth.
  • Verified Customers. All reviews that are submitted to DealerRater from a ReviewBuilder email will appear on the website with a “Verified Customer” seal, providing an additional level of trust for consumers that the review was written by a real dealership customer.
  • Seamless Activation. All DealerRater review submissions from customers who receive the automated reminder email are automatically activated without requiring any further verification action from the reviewer.

What is a Verified Customer review and why is it important?

A Verified Customer review is a review for which the author has been verified from actual dealership records. Since the reviews that are generated from ReviewBuilder originate from consumers whose email addresses came from your DMS records, we can display a Verified Customer seal with their review on DealerRater. Verified Customer reviews provide yet another additional layer of transparency and confidence that the reviews displayed are real reviews written by real customers.

How does the product really work?

After signing the contract, your dealership completes a short and simple online setup form where we simply need the type of DMS system you use, as well as a technical contact at your dealership in case any difficulties should arise with capturing the data necessary for sending out the daily emails. We use that data to send out automated review reminder emails to your sales and service customers 24 hours after their experience. Emails are sent out to customers daily Monday through Friday, and Monday’s email campaign will capture the weekend business.

Does my dealer have to have ServiceEngage for my service customers to receive emails?

No, a dealer is not required to have the ServiceEngage package to utilize the service email portion of ReviewBuilder, as ReviewBuilder is a stand--‐alone product.

Can I include other third party review sites in my ReviewBuilder emails?

Yes, dealers may choose to display logos and links to up to two additional third party review sites (aside from DealerRater) in the reminder email for their customers. The links will take the consumer directly to the “Write a Review” page on the applicable review site

Can I choose which customers receive ReviewBuilder emails?

At this time, emails will go out to all sales and service customers included in the dealership’s DMS data for which an email address has been provided and email solicitation is permitted. We encourage dealers to utilize our Resolution Advantage feature in an effort to resolve complaints if they do receive an unsatisfactory review.

Will a reviewer receive a ReviewBuilder email if they are sent a LotShot email?

No, reviewers will not receive an email through the ReviewBuilder tool if they have previously received a LotShot email from the dealership. LotShot emails will take precedence over the ReviewBuilder message, as ReviewBuilder is designed to complement LotShot, not compete with it.

How do you capture our DMS data?

We are partnered with DMI (Digital Motorworks, Inc. --‐ owned by CDK, a major DMS provider) to capture the necessary data from your DMS system. Over the years, DMI has worked with the majority of DMS vendors in order to provide processes for the collection of data. Each DMS has a different process in place. DMI will be happy to answer any questions regarding your specific DMS. DMI is the industry standard in secure DMS data polling and has a strict privacy policy. We receive nightly data files from DMI, which are encrypted to ensure that the data is secure.

What data do you pull from our DMS system?

DMI only pulls standard data related to sales and service transactions such as delivery date, details of the vehicle purchased or services performed – no social security numbers or other such sensitive information is accessed.

Can I still participate in the program if I don’t want to give DMI access to my DMS system?

Actually, for DMS systems aside from CDK and Reynolds, DMI isn’t really accessing the DMS directly. They’re setting up an automated export of particular data that runs nightly, without a direct integration. If you’d like further information, we’re happy to have a support rep from DMI contact you directly to discuss.

Are all DMS providers supported?

All DMS providers are currently supported through DMI with the exception of automated feeds from Reynolds & Reynolds DMS systems. DealerRater is currently exploring becoming a Reynolds Certified Interface in order to accept automated feeds. In the meantime, Reynolds dealers are still able to effectively use the ReviewBuilder product by manually exporting the data from their DMS system each week and uploading it to DMI for processing. DMI can easily walk any Reynolds dealer through this process if they so choose.

How long does it take for my dealer to get set up on ReviewBuilder?

 Once we receive your setup form back, it will take approximately 3--‐5 business days for DMI to begin to pull your customer data and for us to verify and check the data on our end. At that point we will flip you “live” and your customers will begin receiving emails the following day.

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