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Dealer Panel: Reviews > All Reviews

Dealer Panel: Reviews > All Reviews

From the “All Reviews” page in your Dealer Panel, you can manage the reviews which have been submitted to DealerRater for your dealership. You can access the “All Reviews” page in your Dealer Panel by logging in to your Dealer Panel, and selecting “All Reviews” from the “Reviews” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

o   Recent Negative Reviews Needing a Response: This section of the page will display any negative reviews from the past 60 days which have not yet been responded to either privately or publicly. You can open the “Review Details” page to respond to these reviews by clicking the “Respond” link for the desired review. For more information about how to handle negative reviews, you can click here.

o   Please note that any reviews listed in this section will also be listed in the “All Reviews” section below.

o   All Reviews: This section will display all reviews which have been submitted for your dealership, in reverse chronological order. You can interact with this section as detailed below:

1.      View Reviews Report: To view the reviews reporting page for your dealership, click the “See Full Report” link next to the “All Reviews” heading.

2.      Filter Reviews: You can filter the list of reviews by using the “Filter By” drop-down menu. All reviews are displayed by default.

3.      Change number of reviews displayed: To change the number of reviews displayed at one time on the page, click the desired number of reviews next to the “View:” heading on the right-hand side of the page.

4.      Sort Reviews: To sort the reviews displayed, click on any of the column headings in the “All Reviews” table to sort the reviews by that field – e.g. to sort by Rating, click the “Rating” column heading.

5.       Review Details: To view the full content of a review, or to edit employee tagging, respond to or report reviews, or view review responses, click the “View” link for the desired review, in order to access the “Review Details” page.

6.    Export: To export a list of your dealership reviews into an Excel file, you can click the 'Export' button to save your list of reviews as an XLS or CSV file.

For more information about managing your DealerRater Reviews:




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