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Dealer Panel: How to add or edit CRM Contacts

Dealer Panel: How to add or edit CRM Contacts

The CRM Contacts widget on the Dealer Info page allows you to view or edit designated addresses for your CRM address for leads & contacts routing, or service requests. Any email address listed on this page can be set up to receive an email whenever a vehicle lead or contact comes in. If your dealership participates in our ServiceEngage program, when a customer submits a service request. From this widget, you can edit an existing CRM address or add a new contact address.

You can add/edit CRM contact information by following the instructions below:

1) If you are not already logged into DealerRater, Log in to the Dealer Panel with an account that has administrative access for your dealership.

2) Select “Dealer Info” from the “Profile” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3) Scroll down to the CRM Contacts widget.

4)  To add a new CRM contact email,

  1.       Click “Edit” on the CRM widget
  2.       Fill out the email field and click "Add"
  3.       Select either ADF/XML or Text
  4.       Lastly, select "Save"

Note: designated CRM leads routing address should receive alerts in ADF/XML format; all other addresses, such as personal email addresses, should receive emails in Plain Text.

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