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Dealer Panel: Dashboard

Dealer Panel Dashboard

Your Dealer Panel Dashboard provides you with at-a-glance information about your dealership’s performance on DealerRater with widgets containing a preview of your data. The widgets also serve as quick links to the most used and necessary sections of the Dealer Panel to maximize your success on DealerRater.

A preview of the data available to you on your dashboard is listed below:

  1. Recent Activity: This widget will display information on your dealership's most recent activity, including current leads, when your overall rating goes up if your employees become Certified, and data around your review volume. Our goal is to show you relevant information based on your most recent dealership activity.

  2. Engagement Activity: The top-middle widget will show you data around dealership engagement. This includes when your employees are using LotShot to engage their customers, asking if your employee list is up-to-date, and whether or not your employees have completed our Certified Employee training. Like Recent Activity, this widget will change from time-to-time to help drive engagement to maximize your success on DealerRater.

  3. Review Responses: This widget will help you better understand the rate at which you are responding to reviews.

    1. If you subscribe to AutoResponse, DealerRater will respond to 100% of them for you!

  4. Reviews: This widget will communicate the breakdown of your recent reviews between positive/negative and sales/service.

  5. Review Source: This widget will show you where your review volume is coming from. Organic reviews are any reviews where a consumer finds your DealerRater, Google, Facebook, or pages and chooses to write a review. LotShot or ReviewBuilder will generate many reviews submitted as a direct result of utilizing the services. Not sure what LotShot or ReviewBuilder is? This widget will help you understand that as well.

  6. Reviews By Website: Did you know that you can connect your Google, Facebook, and pages to your DealerRater account? This widget will help you understand which website your review volume is coming from.

  7. Employee Pageviews: This widget shows when customers are looking at your employee profiles.

  8. Competition: We all deal with competition, and it’s essential to understand how your dealership measures up to your nearest competitors. This widget will help you do precisely this.

  9. Employees: Use this widget to understand better how your employees are performing overall.

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