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Dealer Panel: Tools > Email Templates

Dealer Panel: Tools > Email Templates

The Email Templates section of your Dealer Panel provides email templates for requesting DealerRater reviews, with your dealer’s information already populated in the template where possible. To access your Email Templates, please follow the steps below:

If you are not already logged in to DealerRater, log in to the Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.

1.     Select “Email Templates” from the “Tools” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

2.     Email templates for requesting DealerRater Reviews are provided on the page, which can be directly copied and pasted into your email.

3.     Your dealer’s name and link to your “Write a Review” page are populated automatically, however the greeting and signature will still need to be entered manually.

4.   If your dealership has won a Consumer Satisfaction or Dealer of the Year award for the current year, you will also find on this page a template for a press release to announce your award, and template social media posts to announce your award status.

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