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Dealer Panel: Reviews > LotShot

Dealer Panel: Reviews > LotShot

The DealerRater LotShot tool lets dealership employees send photo review requests to customers, streamlining the review collection process and creating opportunities for photo reviews on your Dealer Review Page. The LotShot section of your Dealer Panel allows you to monitor LotShot requests, and customize your request templates. Please follow the instructions below to navigate the LotShot section of your Dealer Panel:


1.      If you are not already logged into DealerRater, Log in to the Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.

2.      Select LotShot from the Reviews heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3.      LotShot Messages: See any messages sent by your dealership employees through LotShot, allowing you to easily monitor your dealer’s LotShot usage and see which customers have posted LotShot reviews.

4.      LotShot Setup: View the outgoing text message template (not editable) and view the outgoing email template (editable).  Add or update your logo.  Note for dealers enrolled in ReviewBuilder: the same logo image will apply to both LotShot and ReviewBuilder review requests.

To setup dealer employees with LotShot access, click here.  

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