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Dealer Panel: Tools > Social Media Setup

Dealer Panel: Tools > Social Media Setup

From the Social Media Setup section of your Dealer Panel, you can set up and manage DealerRater’s tools and applications for Facebook. Dealers enrolled in DealerRater Connections can also prompt their reviewers to share their reviews to Twitter and Facebook. To set up and manage your Social Media Settings, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you are not already logged into DealerRater, log into the dealer panel with an account that has administrative access for your dealership.
  2. Go to Tools > Social Media Setup.
  3. To setup or manage the Facebook Page Wall tool, which posts DealerRater reviews directly to your Facebook Page wall, click the Wall Tool tab.
  4. To install the Testimonials application to your dealer Facebook Page, click the Testimonials tab. For detailed instructions click here.
  5. To install the Classifieds (inventory) application to your dealer Facebook Page, click the Classifieds tab. For detailed instructions click here
  6. To set whether or not reviewers are presented with the option to share their DealerRater reviews to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, click the Social Sharing tab, and check whether or not you would like to prompt reviewers to share their reviews.
Note * Your Dealership Facebook page must have over 2000 likes to install these features. Also, if your Facebook page is using the New Page Experience, you will need to revert to the Classic Page Experience. Details on how to do this can be found here.

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