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DealerRater ReviewShare: FAQ

DealerRater ReviewShare - FAQ

After a consumer has posted a review on DealerRater, DealerRater's ReviewShare feature prompts the reviewing consumer to share their review on one additional review site (Dealer’s choice of Google+, Yelp, CitySearch, Facebook, Edmunds) for added exposure. Consumers can choose to post their review, or can skip this step in order to complete their review process. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ReviewShare.


Q: How can ReviewShare help my online reputation management efforts?

A: The ReviewShare feature ensures that our Certified Dealers continue to build positive reviews. ReviewShare allows dealers to diversify their review count across a hand-picked selection of other third-party review sites.


Q: Does it automatically share our reviews to those sites?

A: All reviewers submitting a positive review will be presented with an option to share their review via ReviewShare. While not automatic, ReviewShare makes sharing a positive review very easy for consumers.


Q: Are negative reviews eligible for ReviewShare?

A: No. Only those reviewers leaving a positive review will be prompted to share their review.


Q: Can I choose as my ReviewShare destination?

A: Good news! As a DealerRater customer, your reviews will already syndicate to your page, automatically.  


Q: Can I set up ReviewShare to more than one site?

A: The ReviewShare feature is configured to encourage review sharing with one third-party site. However, you can return to the Dealer Panel to change which site you are “sharing” to at any time.


Q: How can I switch to a different ReviewShare location?

A: You can view instructions for setting up a new target for ReviewShare here:


Q: Does a consumer need to create an account to post a review on other review sites?

A: Yes, many of the target sites require an account, such as Google+ and Yelp.


Q: How do I know if I am sending them to the correct page to write the review?

A: A ReviewShare URL may be tested in the Dealer Panel after it is setup. To test, please click the “Check URL” button next to the URL you would like to test.


Q: How do I find my review page on those sites?

A: The page you want to enter for ReviewShare is the page where you can click a “Write a Review”, or similar, button for your dealership on that site.


Q: Why are some reviews being shared and some are not?

A: Some consumers may choose to share their review to the site that you have chosen; other consumers do not choose to share their review beyond DealerRater. While we cannot guarantee that a consumer will always choose to share their review with another site, we have designed ReviewShare to make it as simple and inviting as possible.


Q: Does ReviewShare work for Yelp?

A: You are able to set up ReviewShare for Yelp, but please be aware Yelp preferences favor reviews from what they consider to be "established users". Some reviews may not display on your Yelp page depending on whether they consider that reviewer to be an "established source".


Q: Will ReviewShare be included in the ReviewBuilder review submission flow for my reviewers?

A: It depends on whether the ReviewBuilder request is sent via text or email.  There are different legal guidelines for text vs. email communication methods.

  • Text request:  Customers receiving an automated review request via text will be pointed directly to your Write a Review form on  In accordance with text compliancy laws, we will not present those texted reviewers with any additional sites to share their review.  
  • Email request: Consumers receiving an email request via email will first be pointed to your Write a Review form on  If this review is positive, we will present your reviewer with a link to your pre-selected 3rdparty site, and invite them to share their review upon that site.

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