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DealerRater Access Levels Explained

DealerRater Access Levels Explained

Dealership users and employees on DealerRater can be set up to have one of four different access levels, for which different features and permissions are available. An employee’s access level can be determined by accessing the employee’s “Edit Employee Profile” page in the Dealer panel, and looking at the “Account Access” field immediately below the employee’s email address. Instructions for how to set an employee up with a particular level of access, and a breakdown of the four different access levels, is available below.

To set an employee's access:

  1. Log in to your Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.
  2. Select 'Employee Profiles' from the 'Profiles' heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.
  3. Select the employee whose profile you wish to edit by clicking on their name in the list of employees.
  4. One the 'Edit Employee Profile' page, select the desired access level from the 'Account Access' menu.
  5. Click 'Save Changes'.
  • If the employee whose access you changed already had User or Admin access, then any change will occur as soon as changes are saved. If the employee previously had No Access, they will receive an 'Activate Account' email to get them set up for an account so that they can use the features available to them.
Available Access Levels:

  • No Access: having no access means that the employee has no ability to use any features or make any changes on DealerRater. This employee could still sign up for a DealerRater account by creating a screen name and password, but would have no ability to update dealership information or use any of the features of the Certified Dealer program, such as LotShot, or becoming a Certified Employee.
  • User: User level access provides an employee with to access to a limited version of the Dealer Panel. Employees with User level access can use the following features:
- Edit their own profile.

- View and complete the Certified Employee Training modules, necessary to participate in the Certified Employee Program.

- Log in to the DealerRater for Dealers mobile app, which includes the LotShot photo review tool.

- Download their certificate for employee certification, if they achieve Certified Employee status.
  • User (Can't Edit): DealerRater recommends that you allow your staff to manager their own profiles, as any administrator at the dealership will still receive alerts any time a user edits their profile. However, if you would prefer that your employees have user access for features such as LotShot and Certified Employee, but not be able to edit their profile, you can disable users' ability to edit their profiles by following these instructions.

  • Administrator: Administrative access provides access to the full Dealer Panel, allowing Administrators to update dealership information, edit employee listings, respond to reviews, and access any of the features accompanying our Certified Employee Program and any other programs the dealership may participate in.

If you need instructions on how to update information for employee profiles please click here.

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