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How to Report a Review for a Terms of Use Violation

How to Report a Review for a Terms of Use Violation

If your dealership has received a review which you believe to be posted in violation of our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, or is invalid to be posted, the review can be reported to our Content Team for possible removal. Our Content Team is responsible for all review content on DealerRater, and may remove reviews which they determine to be invalid under our terms of use.

You can view more information about the different reasons for reporting a review by clicking here.

Please follow the steps below to report a review to our Content Team:

1.       Log in to your Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership

2.       Select “All Reviews” from the “Reviews” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel

3.       Locate the review you would like to report, and click on the “View” link to access the Review Details page.

4.       Scroll toward the bottom of the page, and click the orange “Report this review” link located in the “Review” section of the page, below the text of the review – a “Report Review” popup will appear.

5.       Enter a message to explain why you do not believe the review is valid to be posted in the space provided.

6.       Enter your email address so that our Content Team can follow up with you with any questions or updates.

7.       Click “Submit” to send your report.

Please note that our Content Team requires that a dealership send a private response to the reviewer before the Content Team is able to look into a review for potential removal. To view instructions for sending a private response, please click here:

Once you have reported a review, your report is sent to our Content Team, who will look into the situation and evaluate the review against our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, and will follow up with any questions or further information.

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