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How to Add a New Employee Profile

How to Add a New Employee Profile

It’s important to equip all customer-facing employees with a DealerRater Employee Profile page. Here are instructions for creating a new employee profile.

Note: profiles can only be created by program administrators, so these steps will require admin-level access to the dealer’s page.

  1. Login to DealerRater
  2. Go to the Profile section, and select Employee Profiles
  3. Click Add New Employee
  4. Enter the employee’s first and last name
  5. Enter the employee’s email address (each email address may only be setup to 1 employee profile, per dealer page)
  6. Enter the employee’s position
  7. Select the employee’s account access. For details on User and Admin access click here
  8. Select a department from the drop-down menu
  9. Optional:
    1. Add a photo, bio, specialties, mobile number and more
    2. The employee’s Contact and visibility settings can be customized by an administrator at any time in the Settings tab
  10. Click “Create User” to create the profile. A welcome email will be sent to the employee, with login instructions

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