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How to Edit an Existing Employee Profile

How to Edit an Existing Employee Profile

New updates to DealerRater Employee Profiles add in more information than ever before, and a sleek new design, all carefully designed carefully designed to help consumers connect with the right person at your dealership. If you would like more information about these updates, as well as instructions for how to manage your employees' access to manage their profiles, please click here.

If your employees do not have access to edit their own profiles, or if you would like to make edits yourself, you can edit an employee profile at any time by following the steps below:

1)     Log in to your Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.

2)     Select 'Employee Profiles' from the 'Profile' heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3)     From the 'Employees' page, click on the employee whose profile you wish to edit.

4)     Enter the employee’s first and last name in the fields provided.

5)     Enter the employee’s position in the field provided.

6)     Enter a valid email address for the employee in the 'Email' field.

  • Note that only one employee profile may be set up at a dealership for any given email address.

7)     Choose the Account Access from the available options. You can see more information about access levels here:

8)     Select the employee’s Department form the drop-down menu.

9)     Click 'Add More Profile Details' allows you to enter the following optional information:

  • Employee's Mobile phone number, in the field provided.
  • Upload a photo of the employee by clicking 'Upload Photo' and browsing for the desired photo.
  • Enter the URL for a YouTube video in the 'YouTube Link' field to have the video displayed on the employee’s profile page.
  • Enter the dates for how long the employee has been with your dealership, and in the automotive industry.
  • Type in any specialties, training, or awards the employee has received.
  • Enter a short bio for the employee's profile.

12)   Click the 'Settings' tab above the employee photo space to edit the employee's visibility, notifications, and ability to edit their profile. On the 'Settings' tab:

  • The 'Always Allow...' options determine whether the employee's profile can be selected (tagged) on reviews, and whether customers can put in a request to contact this employee directly from their DealerRater profile.
  • The 'Notify me when...' options determine whether or not alerts for the various options presented should be sent to this employee. Note that employees with 'Administrator' access have additional notification options.
  • The 'Send me a monthly digest email for...' options determine which monthly performance alerts are sent to this employee. Note that only employees with 'Administrator' access can receive the monthly digest emails.
  • The 'User can edit their own profile' option determines whether or not this employee can make edits to their own employee profile information. Note that this option is only available for employees with 'User' access.
13)   Click 'Save Changes' to add the new employee profile.

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