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Why are Negative Reviews Appearing in my Testimonial Feed?

Why are Negative Reviews Appearing in my Testimonial Feed?

The official DealerRater Testimonial feed is a feature that is designed to feed your 10 most recent positive DealerRater reviews to your website(s). Dealers who participate in our 360Certified program may also include reviews from other third-party review sites.

Rather than using the official DealerRater Testimonial Feed code, some dealers or vendors install an alternative DealerRater reviews being fed from a alternative source, or edit or modify the DealerRater code provided for installing the feed. We discourage this practice, as it may result in negative reviews appearing on your website, or in the feed not updating properly. As a Best Practice, we recommend using only the official DealerRater Testimonial HTML code or iframe URL. This will ensure that only positive reviews are fed to your website.

 You can retrieve the code for installing our Testimonial Feed to your website by following the instructions here:

 Alternatively, if you are using DealerRater’s code to provide your testimonials, you exclude individual reviews from appearing in the feed. You can find instructions for updating your Testimonial Feed setup, including how to exclude reviews, here:

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