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Social Marketing: Compose a Post

Social Marketing: Compose a Post

Using the Social Marketing platform, you will be able to compose and submit postings to your Social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google My Business, and LinkedIn all at once, or individually.

You can share photos, interesting articles populated in the ‘Content’ tab, statuses or any URL from across the web.

To utilize these features, your dealership’s Social Media accounts will need to be connected to the tool; find steps for connecting your Social Media accounts here.

Steps for composing a post:

  1. Log in to your Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.
  2. Select “Social Marketing” from the “360 Panel” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel; you will be directed into your “Social Marketing” platform.
  3. Click the red pencil button in the lower right corner.
  4. To begin your post, decide which accounts you’d like to post to. The tool will populate all accounts you have linked; click the ‘X’ to remove any source you do not want your post to appear on.
  5. Compose your post in the box provided.
  6. Add optional image, shortened link, or interesting content by clicking the respective blue icons across the bottom of the pane.
    1. To post an image, click the ‘Upload Image’ icon, locate your photo, and then click ‘open’. 
    2. To shorten a URL, click the ‘Shorten Link’ and then enter the address. Select ‘shorten’ and the tool will generate a truncated URL.
    3. To add interesting content, click the 'Interesting Content' icon, choose a source, and browse for content to share.
  7. On the right-hand side, you will see a preview of how your post will appear
  8. Once you are satisfied with your post, select ‘Post Now' or 'Schedule Post' and it will be submitted to the social media accounts you selected.

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