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Dealer Panel: Reporting > LotShot

Dealer Panel: Reporting > LotShot

The LotShot Report in your Dealer Panel allows you to easily track how many LotShot emails (and texts, if your dealership has the DealerRater Connections product package) have been sent by your dealership, and how many of those emails have turned into reviews from your customers. The key features of the LotShot Report in your Dealer Panel are described below:

1.       If you are not already logged into DealerRater, Log in to the Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.

2.       Select “LotShot” from the “Reporting” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3.       Choose the Date Range: You can select a date range from the drop-down menu, or select “Custom” and choose the desired date range in the fields provided.

4.       Review Type: The LotShot report will display results on all LotShot emails sent and reviews submitted through these emails.

5.       Metric: The LotShot report will display results based on number of emails sent and reviews generated.

6.       Display Range: You can toggle whether the graph shows daily, weekly, or monthly data points for your report.

7.       Report Data: The table below the graph lists all of the data in your report.

8.    Export: To export your report data, click the "Export" button located immediately above the data table; the report can be exported as a XLS or CSV file.

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