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Consumer Satisfaction Award FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Consumer Satisfaction Award

1) What is the Consumer Satisfaction Award?
The DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award was initiated in 2015 to recognize the top reviewed dealerships on for providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Consumer Satisfaction awards are given to a percentage of the top-rated dealerships on as expressed by reviews submitted for the dealership.

2) Who can win a Consumer Satisfaction award?
Any dealership which is currently listed on is eligible to receive a Consumer Satisfaction award. Award recipients are determined based solely on their reviews, as calculated through a PowerScore.

3) What is a PowerScore, and how is it calculated?
A dealer’s PowerScore is based on its average star rating and number of reviews for each quarter of the relevant calendar year. We use a Bayesian algorithm to determine an eligible dealer’s PowerScore each quarter of the year, and the average of the quarterly scores gives us an overall score for the year. The algorithm compares multiple statistics against a baseline average - essentially, we compare each eligible dealer to the average of all the other eligible dealers to see where they stack up, and this gives us one number which we can use to rank the award finalists

4) What are the criteria to be eligible for a Consumer Satisfaction award?
In order to qualify for a Consumer Satisfaction award, a dealership must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 25 reviews on DealerRater for the previous calendar year.
  • Minimum of 1 positive review in each calendar quarter of the previous calendar year.
  • Average rating greater than 4.0 (out of a maximum of 5.0) for reviews received during the previous calendar year.
  • Must not have been blacklisted during the previous calendar year.

5) When are Consumer Satisfaction recipients announced, and how will I know if I received an award?
Consumer Satisfaction awards are typically awarded early in the year - in late January or early-to-mid February - in the year of the award. For the 2020 awards (based on the 2019 calendar year) the awards will be announced January 21st, 2020 by email. In addition, a Consumer Satisfaction Award banner will be placed on the Dealer Profile Page for any dealership who has received an award. Once the awards winners are announced, you can view a list of 2020 Consumer Satisfaction Award winners by following the links below:

For a list of U.S. winners, click here.
For a list of Canadian winners, click here.

6) How are Consumer Satisfaction award winners determined in regards to dealerships with multiple brands?
The Consumer Satisfaction Award is not brand specific. A PowerScore is calculated for each dealership listed on, and if a dealership's PowerScore is in the top percentage of scores which are chosen to receive the award, that dealership will receive a Consumer Satisfaction award.

7) What year is my Consumer Satisfaction award based on?
The Consumer Satisfaction Award is based on the calendar year prior to the year of the award. For example, the 2020 awards will be based on the 2019 calendar year.

8) How is the Consumer Satisfaction Award different from the Dealer of the Year Award?
The Consumer Satisfaction Awards is intended to recognize dealerships that provide an exceptional customer experience, and Consumer Satisfaction awards are given out to a percentage of the top-rated dealerships on DealerRater. There is no limit to the number of dealerships within a certain State/Province or brand that could potentially receive a Consumer Satisfaction Award - rather each dealership is compared against all others on DealerRater when determining Consumer Satisfaction Award recipients.

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