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What Determines a Dealership's Ranking on a Directory Page?

Q: What determines a dealership's ranking on a directory page?

A: A dealership's ranking on a DealerRater directory is determined by the following factors:
  • Number of reviews received over the past two years (factored into the weighted rating.)
  • Average score of all reviews received in the past two years (factored into the weighted rating.)
  • Whether any dealership in the directory has won a Dealer of the Year award for the current calendar year.
Weighted Rating: By default, DealerRater's directory pages rank all dealerships with a weighted rating, which is based on all reviews a dealership has received over the previous two years. The weighted rating looks at both the number of reviews received and overall score on all reviews over the past two years, and these numbers are factored into an algorithm which compares them to DealerRater site averages to determine the weighted rating. In this way, neither score nor volume of reviews alone will determine a dealer's position within the rankings.

While weighted rating is the default display order, dealerships can also be sorted by either the number of reviews received, alphabetically by name, or, if the directory is displayed based on a a zip-code search, by distance from the target zip code.

Dealer of the Year: One other factor that can change the order of dealerships listed in a directory is the Dealer of the Year award: any dealership which has received a Dealer of the Year award for the current calendar year is automatically placed at the top of any directory they are displayed in.

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