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How to Resend an Employee Account Activation Email

How to Resend an Employee Account Activation Email

Whenever an employee is set up for user or administrator access, they are sent an email asking them to activate their account, so that they can receive and log in with their DealerRater access. If the employee already has an account registered to their email address, they will be prompted to log in to it to activate their new DealerRater access; if the employee does not already have an account, they will be prompted to create one.

For any employee who is newly created or previously had No Access, then granting them User or Administrator access and saving their profile will automatically send them an activation email. Please click here for instructions and further information about setting an employee's access level.

For any employee who has already been set up with a given access level, you can follow the steps below to re-send their account activation email:
  1. Log in to the Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for the dealership.
  2. Select 'Employee Profiles' from the 'Profile' Heading near the top of the Dealer Panel.
  3. On the 'Employees' page, find the employee you wish to send an account activation.
  4. Click the orange "Resend Invite" button next to the employee's email address. If this button is not displayed, the employee has already activated their account.
  5. An Account Activation email will be sent to the email address listed for the employee in the Dealer Panel.

Once the employee activates their account through the Activation email, they will be able to log in to DealerRater and use the features and tools provided to them as a User or Administrator.

Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions.

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