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Consumer Satisfaction Award Recipient Information

Consumer Satisfaction Award Recipient Information

DealerRater's Consumer Satisfaction Award was established to help identify and recognize the top-performing dealerships on, as determined by customer reviews. Every year, a top-percentage of dealerships are awarded a Consumer Satisfaction Award based on their reviews over the previous calendar year. If your dealership has received an award, congratulations on a job well done! You can view a list of all Consumer Satisfaction Award winners by following the links below:

For a list of U.S. winners, click here.
For a list of Canadian winners, click here.

For more information about how to leverage your award, you can take a look at the video, or read below for a list of assets and instructions for how to acquire them.

As a Consumer Satisfaction Award recipient, your dealership will receive the following:

  • A Consumer Satisfaction Award banner on your Dealer Profile page for the duration of the year.
  • Consumer Satisfaction Award graphics available in your Dealer Panel, to be used however you choose.
  • A press-release template to help announce your award.
  • Collateral you can use in your dealership to promote your award.
Helpful Links:
Your award graphics and press release template will be available in your Dealer Panel, with graphics provided as PNG or high-resolution EPS image files. You can also see above a short informational video about how to leverage your award. Don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team with any other questions.

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