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What information is included on the Connection Details page?

Q: What information is included on the Connection Details page?

When a customer submits a vehicle lead or employee connection on DealerRater, these contacts are stored in the Leads & Connections section of your Dealer Panel. To get additional details about any lead or connection, you can click on the connection request from within the Dealer Panel, to open the connection details page. On the connection page, the following information will be displayed, if available:

  1. Buyer info: This section lists information about your potential customer who has submitted the lead or connection; available information includes the customer's name and email address, the message they submitted, and the date of the request. If available, their phone number, their preferred method of response (phone, email, or text,) and any employee they have chosen to work with, will also be provided.
  2. Resend Details: Click this button to re-send the information and details to an email address of your choosing - you can also choose to resend to the CRM/leads address you have entered in the Dealer Panel.
  3. Vehicle Info: If the customer has submitted a lead or connection from a Vehicle Details Page (VDP) or as a request for a particular type of vehicle, information about that vehicle will be listed here. If the request was submitted from a VDP, complete vehicle info will be provided. If the customer instead submitted a request for a general type of vehicle, information about the type of vehicle they are interested in will instead be displayed.
  4. View Vehicle: If the lead or connection was submitted from a VDP, this button will be displayed - click the button to navigate directly to the VDP for the requested vehicle.

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