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DealerRater Employee Ratings Explained

DealerRater Employee Ratings Explained

DealerRater understands that when a customer visits a dealership, they don't just work with the dealership, they work with the employees of that dealership.
Our research has overwhelmingly shown that customers are much more comfortable going to a dealership if they have the opportunity to research who they want to work with before they set foot in a showroom. DealerRater's Employee Profiles help create this level of comfort and trust for customers when it comes time for them decide which dealership to visit and which employee to work with. Employee ratings are just one of the features available on DealerRater Employee Profiles to help dealership employees stand out from their competition and connect with potential customers. Read on for the highlights:

  • Employee Ratings are an average of all ratings an employee has received. There's no secret or hidden math to how an employee's rating is determined. Reviewers have the option to rate any employee they have selected in their review, and each employee's overall rating is a simple average of all of the ratings an employee has received. Employee ratings have a 24-month active window, just like dealership ratings; older reviews are still displayed, but the ratings are no longer counted.
  • An employee must receive at least five separate ratings before their overall rating is displayed. One rating, positive or negative, doesn't tell enough of a story for us to assign that as an overall rating to an employee. Instead, any employee who has not been rated at least five times will not have an overall rating displayed - they will instead receive an 'N/A'.
  • Employee Ratings determine where an employee is listed in a directory. Where multiple employees are listed on DealerRater, such as the 'Top Certified Employees' list on a dealership directory, Employee Rating will be used to determine the order in which employees are displayed. Certified Employees will still receive priority placement in any list which also contains non-certified employees.

  • An employee can still be tagged in a review without receiving a rating. Employee Ratings are optional for a customer when they submit a review, so employees can and will receive reviews tagged to their profile that do not have an individual rating. Employee Ratings also do not have to match the sentiment on the review, so an employee who provided a great customer experience can still get a positive rating even if the reviewer was unsatisfied with their overall experience.
  • Employee Ratings given on individual reviews will be visible on an employee's profile page. To avoid clutter and confusion, reviews displayed on the Dealer Profile Page will only display the dealership rating, not employee-specific ratings. To see the ratings given to a specific employee on individual reviews, you can view the review on the employee's profile, where any score they have received will be displayed in blue stars. If multiple employees were rated on a review, only the rating for the currently viewed employee will be displayed. Administrative users will also be able to run the 'Employees' report in the Dealer Panel on an 'Employee Rating' metric.

The Employee Ratings are just one part of the Employee Profile. When considering your employee profiles, make sure to keep the following information in mind:

  • Employee Profile Pages provide a lot of information to help your employees stand out to your potential customers. Make sure your employees customize their profiles with as much information as possible. Photo, bio, video, years in the industry, specializations, etc. all help to build connections with your customers. For more information to help get your employees set up, you can check out this article on customizing employee access levels and profiles.
  • Employee Profiles help your staff engage with your online reputation and review collection efforts. Here at DealerRater, we hear it all the time: it's tough to get everyone on your staff involved in your review collection efforts. By creating profiles for your staff and allowing them to customize their profiles and utilize DealerRater tools such as LotShot and our Certified Employee Program, your staff will naturally become more involved. Once customers start coming in and asking for your top-reviewed employees by name because of their DealerRater profiles, it tends to catch on pretty quickly.
  • Make sure top-rated employees are DealerRater Certified. Our Certified Employee Program helps employees stand out on DealerRater and in the showroom, and having Certified Employees provides marketing not only for the employee, but for your dealership on DealerRater directories. Certified Employees sell an extra two cars a month on average just because of their Certified DealerRater Profile. Employee Certification doesn't cost extra, and any employee that receives 10 or more reviews quarterly can become Certified. To learn more, click here.

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