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How to Optimize Your DealerRater Setup for Employee Connections

How to Optimize Your DealerRater Setup for Employee Connections

Customers have spoken, and they would overwhelmingly prefer to be able to identify not just the dealership, but the dealership employee, they would like to work with before they ever contact a dealership. Dealership reviews are everywhere, but only DealerRater can help customers identify the employee they want to work with and but connect with that employee directly.

DealerRater's DealerRater Connections program makes this process easier than ever by helping your dealership promote your top employees with on DealerRater directories, employee lists, and vehicle details pages. DealerRater Connections also unlocks phone and text connections for your employees, in addition to email. This makes it easier than ever for customers to choose your dealership to be "their dealership" so read on for tips and information to optimize your setup.

  • Make sure your employees activate their logins and complete their Employee Profiles. If your employees want to stand out to their potential customers, they're going to need to fill out their DealerRater profiles. Photo, bio, years of experience, specialties and training, personal Youtube video, it all makes a difference. Check out the pictures above - who would you rather work with? To make sure your employees have the access they need, you can contact DealerRater Support and ask us to update all of your employees to optimal settings. Or, click here to view instructions for updating employee settings: employees should have 'User' access, be able to edit their own profiles, and have all settings checked off.

In order for your staff to be able to manage their profiles or use employee tools such as the DealerRater for Dealers app or the Certified Employee Program (more info below in this article) they will need active DealerRater accounts. Click here to view instructions for how to check account status and resend activation requests to your employees.

  • Have your staff download the DealerRater for Dealers App. The new DealerRater For Dealers app puts some of the most powerful DealerRater tools in a convenient mobile platform. With DealerRater Connections, your employees can connect with customers with click-to-call functionality for phone leads, and text leads powered by the same messaging platform as Uber and OpenTable. Additionally, the DealerRater for Dealers app provides easy access to the LotShot photo review tool, allows your employees to manage their profiles, and much more. Check out the Quick Start Guide for more information.
  • Check your CRM address in DealerRater. The ability for customers to choose and connect with the employee they want to work with may be a game-changer, but if you want to track the customer connections your employees receive, you'll need to make sure you have an accurate CRM address entered in DealerRater. Click here to view instructions on viewing or updating your CRM address.
  • Make sure your inventory is listed on DealerRater. To take advantage of having your sales staff available right on your vehicle details pages, you'll need to make sure your inventory is listed on DealereRater. Your inventory listings are displayed below your dealership reviews on your Dealer Profile Page. If you have any questions or need to make any updates, just contact our Support Team.
  • Stay up-to-date with your employee listings. For your employee listings to be meaningful, they need to be current: a new employee needs a profile in order to be able to participate, and a customer reaching out to a salesperson only to find out they are no longer at your dealership isn't going to give the best first impression. If an employee moves to a new position or leaves your dealership, or a new employee joins your staff, make sure you update your employee profiles accordingly. If your employees have access to edit their profiles, they can update their information themselves, and you can also follow the links below for instructions for updating your employee profiles.

*To view instructions for adding a new employee, click here.
*To view instructions for editing an employee profile, click here.
*To view instructions for deleting an employee profile, click here.

  • Get your top employees DealerRater Certified. DealerRater's Certified Employee program helps employees differentiate themselves from their competition, and ensures that your employees, and your dealership, will gain extra visibility and priority placement across DealerRater. For information on the Certified Employee program, click here.
  • Get Reviews! Dealership reviews are still the building block for creating a great creating a great online reputation and putting your dealership and your employees above your competition. Recent reviews have the most impact on consumers, and employees on DealerRater listings are ranked in part by their review count over the past 30 days. Consistent positive reviews are critical for employees to maintain their top position on DealerRater. Verbal requests are still the number one reason why customers submit reviews, so make sure your employees ask every customer for a review - a request for a DealerRater review followed up by a LotShot email is a great way to ensure your review count continues to grow.
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