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Why Did I Lose My Certified Employee Status?

Why Did I Lose My Certified Employee Status?

DealerRater's Certified Employee Program recognizes dealership employees who understand the benefit of their online reputation, and uphold their reputation by providing a consistently great customer experience. Certified Employee Status is temporary, and requires consistent positive reviews every calendar quarter to maintain Certification. If you have not yet completed your Certified Employee training or become Certified, click here to check out our Quick Start Guide to get started. If you have lost your Certified Status, don't worry, just read below for what might have happened, and how to get it back!

Once the training modules for the Certified Employee Program are complete, maintaining your Certified status from quarter to quarter requires consistently receiving 10 or more positive reviews tagged to your employee profile, so anything that lessens the number of reviews tagged to you in the previous or current calendar quarter could result in your Certification dropping off. Some common reasons for this happening are:
  • You didn't receive 10 or more positive reviews in the previous calendar quarter. DealerRater calculates updates to Certified Employees at the beginning of every calendar quarter, so if you didn't receive 10 or more reviews in the previous quarter, your Certification could drop off.  Previously, negative reviews would count towards the 10-review minimum to become Certified; going forward however, only positive reviews will count towards your Certification. If this happens, just make sure to keep asking for reviews: once you are tagged in 10 positive reviews in the current quarter, wait 48 hours, and your Certification should return.
  • One or more reviews which were tagged to you were removed from DealerRater. Sometimes, reviewers request that we remove their reviews after they are submitted. Other times, reviews are found to be submitted in violation of our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines (for example, if your customers are writing their reviews from inside the dealership) and are removed from DealerRater. If you received 10 or more reviews in the current quarter but then lost your Certification, this could be why. Check your reviews for the current quarter, and get back to 10 or more positive reviews, and your Certification will return within 48 hours.
  • You switched dealerships or your employee profile was deleted. Certified Employee Status is based on the reviews tagged to a specific employee profile, so if you moved to a new store or your employee profile was deleted, you will need to reactivate your new account and employee profile, and complete the Certified Employee training, in order to become a Certified Employee.If you have a new profile, you may also need to collect new reviews to meet the required number of reviews. Talk to your DealerRater Administrator at your dealership, or contact DealerRater Support, to activate your new profile.

The good news is, getting your Certification back is as easy as getting tagged in 10 reviews in a Calendar Quarter. Now that you can receive your Certification within 48 hours of receiving your 10th review, you can get your Certification back in a couple of days, rather than having to wait until the end of the Quarter.

If you need to check on your progress toward becoming Certified, here are some helpful resources for you to use:
  • Your personal DealerRater Dashboard: If you are not a DealerRater administrator, then you can view your personal dashboard by logging in to the Dealer Panel. Your personal dashboard will show your progress with the video training modules as well as how many more reviews you need in order to become Certified. If you are an administrator, you can view your personal dashboard by logging in to the Dealer Panel, and selecting "Training Videos" from the "Resources"  heading in the Dealer Panel.
  • Your personal review list: To see at a glance which reviews specifically have been tagged to you, you can open your personal profile page or review list. If you do not have administrative access, you can access your reviews by logging in to the Dealer Panel and selecting "My Reviews" from the navigation menu near the top of the page. All users, administrator or otherwise, can also view their reviews by accessing their employee profile: Navigate to your dealer's Dealer profile page, click "View All Employees" below the "Recently Reviewed Employees" section, and click on your profile.
  • The Help Center: Click here to access our Help Center home page. DealerRater's Help Center contains a number of articles and resources which you can search to for more information about our Certified Employee Program, your review collection efforts, or any other questions you may have. If you don't find the answer you need, you can always contact our Support Team.

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