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Basic Listing: LotShot

Basic Listing: LotShot

If your dealership is signed up with a Basic Listing with DealerRater, your dealership has access to DealerRater's LotShot photo-review tool. LotShot is a powerful tool which allows you to generate photo review content and increases the number of reviews you will receive by simplifying the review submission process for the reviewer. LotShot is available through the DealeRater for Dealers mobile app.

If you or your employees have downloaded the DealerRater for Dealers mobile app, which includes LotShot, click here to view the app quick start guide instead - note that while LotShot is available through the app for Basic Listing dealerships, other app functionality is only available to dealerships which participate in the DealerRater Connections program.

If you are an administrator for your dealership, you can monitor and manager LotShot usage right through the Dealer Panel by following the instructions below:

1) Log in to the Dealer Panel with an account which has administrative access for your dealership.

2) Select “LotShot” from the “Reviews” heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3) LotShot Messages: This tab shows any messages sent by your dealership employees through LotShot, allowing you to easily monitor your dealer’s LotShot usage and see which customers have posted LotShot reviews. For each LotShot message that your dealership has sent, you can view:
  • The employee who sent the LotShot email.
  • The name of the customer entered into the email.
  • The type of request (text/email).
  • The date the LotShot email was sent and resent.
  • Whether or not the customer went on to post a review from the LotShot email.

4) You can also tab over to "Download App" to easily download the LotShot app.

To view the LotShot Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions for using LotShot, click here.

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